Car Battery Replacement Service: How To Choose?

Here’s how to choose the better Car Battery Change Service

There are many companies providing Car Battery Replacement Service out there (eg. AA Automotive Association of Singapore) and these can be generally split into two categories – onsite at your location or done at the workshop.

So how do you tell a good service provider when you need to get your car started but it refuses to crank start the engine to life?

1. Look Up the Reviews!

Many customers now already do this, and we recommend you do the same. After all, if there are several hundred positive reviews, it can’t go far wrong! Note what the customers have said.

We are proud to have served and served well all our customers, with our full concern and utmost care, to make sure you get the battery that is reliable and trusted!

If you want to be convinced that we run an honest and trusted service, take a look at our Facebook Reviews here.

2. Warranty Terms

We provide a warranty of one year, and we stand by our promise.

Our warranty is for one to one exchange!

And we go to your location, wherever you may be in Singapore, to check your car again to diagnose the problem and see if it is indeed a car battery problem.

How many others will do that for you? This is where you fall prey to some others who promise a one year warranty –


They ask you to go to their workshop to get the battery checked. How do you go if your car cannot start?!

If you manage to get there, they may take out the battery and recharge it for you, and fit back the same battery for you again. Not one to one exchange.

And the worst kind – the promise the one year warranty verbally, but is nowhere written on the receipt. Some do not even provide a receipt!

3. Type of Batteries They Sell

We have been in the business for some years now and seen the kind of batteries we take out from our customer’s cars. From poor brands that last seven months only to good ones that last for years, we have good info on which to base our knowledge of which is good and which does not last.

We sell only the best and most reliable brands that we know of – Amaron and Hoppecke (German).

Amaron comes in three flavours Hi Life, Pro (for more capacity and cranking amps) and now EFB for vehicles with start stop function, that require frequent starting as the engine stops at the traffic light.

Hoppecke is your trusted power source to start you continental vehicle and is used for Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, and other continental makes. We have fitted these to Maserati, Land Rovers and Ferrari’s too, and had good feedback from the customers!

Why don’t we carry the brands that are cheap? Why do we sell costlier batteries? That is actually not true! – if you divide the battery by the lifespan it can last, you will find these batteries are more worth their money than a $30 cheaper on that has a life that is shorter by six months or more!

Calculate your battery cost next time on a cost per month basis! How many months did your battery last?

Battery cost per month = Battery price/ number of months before next battery change

We had a Hoppecke customer whose battery made it to five years!

Car Battery Replacement Service

When our customer is happy, we are happy!

The batteries we sell also show our commitment to our warranty!

We are FastFix Car Battery Replacement Service. We would never sell low cost batteries because we would waste so much time servicing our customers who call up within the one year warranty.??

High rate of failures equal low efficiency for our battery service! And will eat into our profits!

So we sell good batteries not just for you, but also for us! We love happy customers and unhappy customers also make us dissatisfied with our standards!

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