EFB Car Battery for Start-Stop Engines

EFB Start Stop Car Battery for Mazda SkyActiv iStop Subaru Auto Start Stop by FastFix Car Battery Replacement Service Singapre


What is a EFB Car Battery?

Car Batteries with Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) technology are built for higher performance and reliability than conventional flooded batteries and can support entry-level start-stop functionality.

For cars with Start-Stop engines, EFB technology provides enhanced starting power for reliable performance throughout the day and can power the ever-increasing electrical demands of many vehicles.

EFB technology provides double the cyclic stability of standard lead acid or maintenance free car batteries, which allows for a longer lifespan of recovering from deep discharges.  In a vehicle with start-stop engine (eg. Mazda SkyActiv iStop or Subaru Auto Start Stop), when the engine is ‘off’, EFB allows the vehicle’s electrical devices to stay powered on, while ensuring the engine will consistently restart in a fraction of a second.

Amaron EFB Car Battery Q85 for Mazda SkyActiv iStop Mazda2 Mazda3 Mazda6 Bienta CX-5 Subaru Impreza Forester Honda Vezel Toyota Harrier CH-R Alphard Infiniti Q30 Q50 Suzuki SX-4

EFB Applications

Electronic features such as DVD players, GPS, air conditioners and audio systems all add to the demand on a battery.  EFB technology provides a more durable and reliable battery to power your vehicle’s electronics and give you extra peace of mind.   Higher-quality materials extend battery life and minimize vibration so that you can depend on your battery even longer.

EFB technology is built to serve vehicles with basic start-stop functionality and keep electrical devices running when the engine is off.  Start-stop vehicle technology automatically shuts off the engine when your vehicle stops, such as at a traffic light or in stop-and-go traffic, and restarts it quickly and quietly when the clutch is engaged or the brake pedal is released. When the engine is off, the battery is the sole source of power to all the car’s electrical devices, such as air conditioning, the radio and the navigation system.

In order to power electrical loads during engine-off periods and to support a high number of starts per trip, these vehicles need technology like the EFB with superior cycling capability, charge acceptance and the ability to operate at a low state of charge.

EFB Construction

Enhanced Flooded Car Batteries such as those from Amaron & Hoppecke's are made with stronger, more durable materials than traditional batteries for longer life and reliability. Components are packed tightly into the case, creating a custom fit, which gives the battery vibration resistance.

EFB technology contains a veil-like material called a scrim. The scrim is made of a porous plastic material that helps support the positive paste on the grid when the battery is charged and discharged. Without a scrim and separator, the paste can weaken, fall off, and drop beneath the grids into the acid.  Having this scrim surrounding the separator reinforces the active materials and offers longer life under severe discharging conditions.

EFB technology is designed to avoid early battery failure from acid stratification by using the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle to actively mix the acid solution. This unique mixing system gives the battery a higher level of reliability.

Car with Start Stop Engine needs EFB Car Battery. Call FastFix for Car Battery Replacement Service

Cars with Start-Stop Engines

 A lot of the newer cars in Singapore come standard with Start/Stop engine functionality. Most European cars and Japanese cars such as Subaru XV, Impreza, Forester (from 2012 onwards), Mazda CX-5, Mazda 6 and other Mazda cars with Skyactiv iStop are examples. Many others include Toyota Harrier, Sienta, Alphard, CH-R, Honda Vezel, Suzuki SX4, Infiniti Q30, Q50.

Need a EFB Car Battery Replacement?

FastFix is on duty and only a phone call away.  We are familiar with cars with Start Stop Engine and carries all the popular EFB car battery (Amaron & Hopppecke).

Just call or WhatsApp 81145500 and we will be happy to help you! 😊

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