Of all the Japanese cars on the road, I feel that Mazda cars have the best and sexiest curves. With its KODO “Soul of Motion” design, the Mazda cars – whether it’s a Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda5, Mazda6 or even the Biente or CX7, even the legendary MX5 Roadster – resemble an untamed animal in swift motion. Under the leadership of Chief Designer Shinichi Isayama, this looks set to get even better.

Yet beauty is not only skin deep. Beneath the beautiful surface is a beast powered by SkyActiv technologies. Since it’s appearance in 2011, it had continued to provide better fuel efficiency and engine output. And along with this is the innovate Start Stop Engine technology that Mazda calls i-Stop.

With Mazda i-Stop, fuel economy is enhanced while maintaining a natural driving feel. Engines are designed for rapid restarts so the driver does not feel inconvenienced and feels “natural”. To support such a system, a very special kind of car battery is required. The EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) Car Battery.

A Very Special Car Deserves a Very Special Car Battery

The EFB Car Battery is a little different (and better!) than the regular car battery because it is designed with thicker lead plates to support frequent start-stops and deeper discharges – especially for Start-Stop car engines such as Mazda’s SkyActiv.

And of all the car makes, Mazda cars seems to be the one that’s most particular about the type of car batteries installed. Our experience is that regular car batteries do not work well with Mazda SkyActiv cars. So you should always replace your dead car battery with a EFB one. The more reputable brands for this special car battery are from Amaron, Hoppecke, Bosch, Exide, Varta, Panasonic and Yuasa. These are large global car battery companies that produce high quality car batteries entrusted by many many car owners.

Who Do You Call? (when your car can’t start?)

Or when your iStop light starts blinking (amber colour)?

Despite all the technology prowess under the hood, the fact is that car batteries still die or go flat. When this happens, you can either send your car back to the distributor, or you can do what’s increasingly popular: Call a mobile car battery replacement service, such as FastFix (Tel: 81145500) These companies have experienced mechanics and go around Singapore in a van laden with brand new car batteries, including EFB ones suitable for your Mazda. And because they keep their cost down, the price is much cheaper than changing at the distributor. And the best part? FastFix comes to you. Very quickly. In a van filled with brand new batteries. And what’s even better? They provide an Onsite Warranty – meaning if there’s any problem (manufacturing) with the car battery during the next 12 months, they come to you; and a 1-for-1 exchange is given if the car battery is indeed defective from manufacturing.

So when you drive a Mazda, you drive an untamed beast. And because you drive in Singapore, be sure to keep the contact of FastFix (81145500) handy. Because you wont know when your car can’t start.

Meanwhile… zoom! Zoom!

See all our happy Mazda 2, 3, 6, CX-7 customers here below!

Mazda 3 EFB iStop Amaron Battery Mazda 3 EFB iStop Amaron Battery

Mazda 2 EFB iStop Amaron Battery

Red Mazda 3 EFB iStop Amaron Battery

Mazda Q85 EWFB Car Battery Replacement Mazda2 Mazda3 Mazda5 Mazda6 RX-7 RX-8 Astina

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