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Amaron Batteries for Car Battery Replacement

Some people asked FastFix why we chose Amaron as our preferred battery brand. We think that this is the wrong question, the right question is: WHY NOT?

Amaron was chosen as our preferred battery brand after we have scanned the marketplace and done research. We now understand why why Amaron is the undisputed market leader in Singapore where every 1 in 2 cars on the road uses an Amaron battery and we hope to bring this remarkable battery to you, our customer.  Here are the reasons we found.

  1. Leading lead-acid battery technology from Johnson Controls. Johnson Controls is the global leader in automotive lead-acid batteries and owns brands such as Varta, Hoppecke and several others not found in Singapore. Amaron batteries utilize Johnson Controls technology because Johnson Controls is part owner of the company.
  2. Market leader in Singapore. Tested and proven by our public transportation and military fleet. By providing superior technology and great after sales service, Amaron had become the market leader for car batteries in Singapore. It is trusted by operators of mission/business critical fleets like taxis and also the police and military. In fact, every 1 in 2 cars on the road today is powered by an Amaron battery.
  3. Best price performance. Amaron gives the biggest bang for the buck. Why pay the same price for something inferior and does not last as long? And worse still, is it worth saving a few dollars to get an unreliable battery that dies within a year?
  4. Proudly made in India. There are only very few products proudly made in India, Amaron car battery is one of these. We are proud of this.


PS: One last good reason:  Did you know that the same Amaron battery we carry comes with a 3-year warranty in India?  Unfortunately we don’t have the same 3-year warranty in Singapore but such is the level of confidence of Amara Raja Batteries in the quality and longevity of their products.  So indeed Amaron Batteries Lasts Long, Really Long.


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