Fastfix Step-by-Step guide to our On Site Car Battery Replacement Service, and get back to the road

Having a car-can't-start situation due to a dead / flat car battery is very stressful!

FastFix is here to help - we are original onsite car battery replacement professionals!

Porsche with corroded car battery

When you call us at 81145500, or click to WhatsApp us on this page, we use the following proven process to get you back on the road ASAP:

1.  Get Car & On Site Location Info

  • Car Make/Model & Other info: Make/Model, Colour, Number
  • Car Location: Area (eg. CBD, Sengkang, Jurong East, Woodlands) & 6-digit-postal-code if possible
  • Any pictures you take of your car with the surroundings may help us to locate you sooner, like these below sent to us by customers
    Honda Shuttle asking for Car Battery Replacement

    Honda owner showing us he's at the loading bay and the block number

    VW Touran Owner Sent Fastfix this picture to show his location

    VW Owner sent Fastfix this picture to show his location.

 2.  Quote & Confirm

  • FastFix will provide Pricing & ETA verbally and followed by detailed text message.
  • Check through the text message you receive to ensure the address we have keyed in is correct.
  • Please respond to text message with "OK" to confirm the booking.
  • Mechanic will be dispatched, please wait for us. Mechanic will call you just before arriving, please be on standby.

 3.  Swing Into Action

(Target completion: 20-30 minutes for Japanese, 30-50 minutes for Conti Cars)

  • We arrive on site for your car battery replacement.
  • Explain what we are going to do.
  • Test condition of battery, replacing only if necessary.
  • Remove old battery and install new one - ensuring that all electronics settings are retained (if possible).
  • Test the alternator (charging system) to ensure that it is good. We will advise you if it is not.
  • Take back old battery for proper disposal.

4.  We Complete Your On Site Car Battery Replacement: Sign-off & Payment

  • Please sign off on the job upon completion.
  • We accept. cash, personal cheques or PayNow and PayLah transfers - we will issue official receipt.
  • We will provide you with car battery's manufacturer warranty card (please keep in car together with receipt).

5.  ALL: Very Happy After On Site Car Battery Replacement

Please feel free to call us at 81145500. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.



Is this what you are seeing on your car? If yes, then the fault is likely to be the car battery being weak and you will need our help. If this is not what you see, maybe this info can help you identify what else might be wrong.

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