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Thank you Mr M for the opportunity to change car battery for your Mazda 6!

Mazda SkyActiv i-Stop cars require a special car battery: Q85 aka EFB23L. This battery provides the perfect fit & power.

We carry the Amaron Q85 - long lasting car battery with good reputation. Used by taxi & military vehicles in Singapore. And at a much better price than Eurokars. Comes with 12mth Onsite Warranty too!

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Change Car Battery @ Mei Ling Street for VW Volkswagen Golf. Beautiful car - super nice owner!

Tested alternator output @ 13.7V -- all good.

Stay safe everyone!

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When the day is just sh*t, and you need some help because your car had that red battery symbol light up and then died on the road and cannot restart.

Call FastFix at 8️⃣1️⃣1️⃣4️⃣5️⃣5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

We will come save you just like we did for this BMW. We make it easier to get going again!

#carbatteryreplacement #HOPPECKE #amaron #bmwcarbattery
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Buy orange can get a lemon 🍋!

We don't know what brand this battery is but the owner called to say it 🔥 exploded when he tried to start the car.

Battery acid was slowly leaking at the bottom when we got there to change it.

Always insist on the best for your car, it's an investment, not a cost to save. What's $20 when you get less use out of it, and worse still, damage to your car?

#amaron #HOPPECKE #peaceofmind
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Many owners who call us up ask if their car warranty will be affected by their battery change with us.

Our reply has always been "No it will not" and this is because tyres and batteries are wear items and most manufacturers and distributors do not control what brand of tyre (and battery) you replace in your car!

But now, news has also come out and is officially reported in ST and CNA that since December 2018, car distributors have decided to remove restrictions on outside service. You can read about it here.

Here below we have done two Nissan car battery replacement for cars still under warranty by the official distributor here in Singapore.
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【Onsite Car Battery Rescue 】
☎️: 8️⃣1️⃣1️⃣4️⃣5️⃣5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

Just remember FASTFIX. We go around Singapore in our BattMobil loaded with brand new Amaron & Hoppecke car batteries to help car owners in need.

We've helped '000s of car owners - so whether yours is Japanese, Korean, Conti or other makes, we'll be able to help you!
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【 Doing Business is Tough 】

...especially when we get customers who refused to pay after services rendered. 😥😪

Fastfix tries our best for all our customers, we work as fast as we can, ask questions on your situation and give you a quick brief of what to expect (more on this later), we quote both verbally and state our prices & conditions in Whatsapp before we go, and we ask for your "OK" in reply on text so all parties have an understanding and agreement. Why do we state our conditions? So we have an understanding that in case your problem is not the car battery, we still need to charge for transport and onsite diagnosis of whatever other issue your car has.

And so when we go, we go on the basis customer is our boss, we work for you at the rate you agreed in writing.

Yes, Mr C, you are our boss.

So when we got the affirmative "OK" and confirmation from Axa Towers, 8 Shenton Way during the evening peak, we went to this particular customer in the CBD, paid ERP, and parking, and put our effort to help rescue his car because it could not start.

The last thing we expect is to not get paid.

We recognize the fact we may not have helped your situation because your car had a problem that cannot be fixed in a car park (needs workshop), but we had explained over the call if your car cannot start, it could be due to other factors such as the ignition or fuel pump among many other possibilities, though battery is one of them and the usual and most likely fault.

Why? Because even a good brand battery lasts only about two years (shorter if you run a video cam) in our hot weather and fuel pumps, starters and ignition coils last up to 7-9 years usually.

We had ruled out starter motor, as Mr. C told us the car is cranking (you were unable to tell us if it is cranking weaker than usual), you also told us your aircon blower is blowing weaker than normal, so indicative of low battery power.

But when we had reached and diagnosed the car not to be a battery problem, payment of the transport and labour became a point of contention.

Mr C, to you we need to say, it is unbecoming as our boss to lowball on the agreed price (in writing) to which you had sent an "OK" (two times!). Sadly, we had to walk away without ANY payment due to disagreement. Your parting comment:"You can report to the police if you want" we received as our only form of payment.

Mr. C drives a new car bought for a tens of thousands, just 1+ years old, decided to call on our service (to save possibly on towing) and agreed on the price but would not pay for the cost.

I suppose you have mouths to feed at home, and it's hard. Maybe your work is getting difficult (us too: our job trying to help you was tough - its always tough to work for kosong).

We hope the cost that you "saved" goes towards your children (if any) to bring them something good, maybe ice cream at Swensen's. Let this be our donation then, to your family. We imagine, to a worthwhile cause, so at least this kosong job is made up for by a happier heart!
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All car batteries are similar right?

Nope! Let's take #Amaron one of the most trusted brands of batteries in Singapore to illustrate the point.

Why are they most trusted? They are used by the largest fleets in Singapore, with vehicles that, if broken down because they cannot start, would immediately lose revenue. What am I talking about? The top taxi companies use Amaron because it assures them safe reliable service for a long time!

"Amaron are all the same" - that is not a true statement!

There is the Hi Life, Hi Life Pro and Hi Life Duro EFB.

If you wanted a reliable long lasting battery, the Hi Life would make a good choice! If you wanted something just a long lasting but with stronger starting power and greater storage capaciy than the standard - go for Amaron Hi Life Pro.

And finally, the Hi Life Duro EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is for those whose newer cars are fitted with Start Stop fuel saving tech, like the Mazda Skyactiv i-Stop enabled cars.

Specifically designed to withstand repeated engine starts this is for cars equipped with Start Stop fuel saving feature. When your battery is weakened or old, the i-Stop will illuminate yellow to let you know it is time to change!

Choose the right one for your car, choose from Amaron!

For the best and freshest battery stock, call 81145500! Why freshest? Fresh batteries are good of course, and we replenish our stock on a weekly basis, unlike others who may have batteries sitting around for months.

We go to you anywhere in Singapore!
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When calling for a car battery change booking say "Skyactiv88" to get the special $250 price for ANY Skyactiv model! That is a 40% savings!

Did you know the Mazda Skyactiv + iStop tech needs a special battery called Q85 EFB?

EFB = Enhanced Flooded Battery

Don't confuse with normal lead acid or AGM batteries that are on the market. Use the correct battery that is recommended for your car!

Our special price is inclusive of all costs, no additional charges or hidden cost, and even includes fitment at your home or any convenient location for you!

Call 81154400 or 92288379 for info now!

1. For Skyactiv owners only, no traders allowed.
2. Limited to 5pcs per day only
3. Payment by Cash & PayNow PayLah
4. Price includes 1 year 1 for 1 brand new battery replacement if your battery proves to be faulty during the warranty period.
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