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People get tricked when they buy their car batteries! We've done so many battery replacements that when we see these cases from time to time, we only wished these customers called us first!

There are all sorts of scams out there when you are shopping around for a car battery. Most buyers don't know where they may be scammed, some only realise when it's too late or some months down the road.

Find out some ways unscrupulous sellers scam their customers when it comes to car battery replacement!
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[ Citroen C4 Grand Picasso @ Sunset Way ]

Second time customer changed car battery with Fastfix (we must be doing something right!)

And we did it for him conveniently at home before the start of the day so the car can be driven confidently without worry it cannot start.

Just call and book for appointment or via WhatsApp 81145500, we can schedule you for a convenient time and of course, any location you wish, be it home or at your office during lunch hour!

Fast to arrive and quick to fix, your car battery will be done and need not worry!
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We did a special car's battery replacement last weekend and it looked like this. This car very flat one, like a very flat Mercedes, not very suited for tall people.

Usually we open the bonnet and the battery is right next to the engine, sometimes engine is hot, we need to be careful.

Well, this one the engine wasn't there. Missing, we just quietly change the car battery and close the bonnet back.

Wonder if the owner knows his engine stolen. We closed the bonnet after job and so owner did not see engine not there when we were paid for the job.

Some neighbors just like that, borrowed my marker pen the other day, never return.

He's a good customer, paid promptly when job done (unlike some others we encountered), hope all OK with him and whoever borrowed his engine put it back.

#HOPPECKE #batteries
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I know, I know, Fastfix is famous for our car battery service, but this one... ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you Mr M for the opportunity to change car battery for your Mazda 6!

Mazda SkyActiv i-Stop cars require a special car battery: Q85 aka EFB23L. This battery provides the perfect fit & power.

We carry the Amaron Q85 - long lasting car battery with good reputation. Used by taxi & military vehicles in Singapore. And at a much better price than Eurokars. Comes with 12mth Onsite Warranty too!

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Change Car Battery @ Mei Ling Street for VW Volkswagen Golf. Beautiful car - super nice owner!

Tested alternator output @ 13.7V -- all good.

Stay safe everyone!

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When the day is just sh*t, and you need some help because your car had that red battery symbol light up and then died on the road and cannot restart.

Call FastFix at 8️⃣1️⃣1️⃣4️⃣5️⃣5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

We will come save you just like we did for this BMW. We make it easier to get going again!

#carbatteryreplacement #HOPPECKE #amaron #bmwcarbattery
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Buy orange can get a lemon 🍋!

We don't know what brand this battery is but the owner called to say it 🔥 exploded when he tried to start the car.

Battery acid was slowly leaking at the bottom when we got there to change it.

Always insist on the best for your car, it's an investment, not a cost to save. What's $20 when you get less use out of it, and worse still, damage to your car?

#amaron #HOPPECKE #peaceofmind
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Many owners who call us up ask if their car warranty will be affected by their battery change with us.

Our reply has always been "No it will not" and this is because tyres and batteries are wear items and most manufacturers and distributors do not control what brand of tyre (and battery) you replace in your car!

But now, news has also come out and is officially reported in ST and CNA that since December 2018, car distributors have decided to remove restrictions on outside service. You can read about it here.

Here below we have done two Nissan car battery replacement for cars still under warranty by the official distributor here in Singapore.
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