Cars with Start-Stop Engines (Idle Stop)

Having the engine start button pictured above does not necessarily mean your car has the engine start stop feature to save fuel.

However, if your car is less than 5 years old (from 2014 onwards) you likely have this feature in your car.

But if you have this button, with the letter A and the circle around it (pictured below), then your car definitely comes equipped with Start-Stop technology (or also called iStop, SkyActiv, idle stop & go or micro hybrid).

Engine Start Stop Feature In Car

This is the technology that switches off the engine when you’ve stopped at the traffic light, and starts the car engine again when your foot is off the brakes before you drive away.

Hence, it’s commonly called Start-Stop.

Some drivers are aware and ask for Start-Stop batteries for their car. But here is the proper name – battery manufacturers call it Enhanced Flooded Battery.

Why Do You Need An Enhanced Flooded Battery For Your Car?

iStop or engine start-stop is designed to conserve fuel by reducing engine idle time when the car has stopped but as a result – places much more demands on your car battery. The normal car battery is no longer good enough, you need a special kind of car battery: the EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) car battery.

Why is that?

When your engine stops, your aircon, radio, headlights and other electronics continue to run in the car. All this electrical power is coming directly from the battery only, loading it and using up its available power. 

EFB: This special car battery is specially designed to cater to the high power demands of cars with this technology, such as Mazda i-Stop, Honda Idle Stop, Toyota Start & Stop Engine System as well as the new models from Nissan, Hyundai, Suzuki and continental makes from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and so on.

So I Just Look For Car Batteries With The Letters EFB?

A common misconception is that all batteries with EFB on the box or sticker is a good battery. They are enhanced.

Yes they are, and it means they are a better model than the basic standard battery from that same brand of batteries of the same Ah (amp hour) capacity.

However, the brand of batteries makes a lot of difference.

It’s a big difference when enhancement is carried out to a model of the battery a premium manufacturer compared to enhancing from a third class manufacturer that competes on cost only (means, they cut corners to save a few dollars)

Let me give an analogy: Think of Enhancement as a “Plus” of something to the basic model. If we apply that idea to car models… then this is what we get.

Mitsubishi Colt, enhanced = Mitsubishi Colt Plus.

Mercedes C-Class C63, after enhanced = C-Class C63 Premium Plus

Is it enough just to have the “plus”?

Or is it more important to look at if it is a Mitsubishi or a Mercedes to start with?

We certainly think to know the brand is more important!

We would not be surprised the EFB from “Go Bad” brand will not last as long as the normal (or standard) non-EFB from reputable brands like those Fastfix sells.

For several important reasons, we do not carry battery brands we don’t think highly of! 

  • Firstly, it is our commitment to you as our customer, we do not want to disappoint.
  • Second, we provide a one year onsite warranty for all new batteries that we sell. That means we go to you if your car cannot start due to a battery defect within the warranty period. And that would make it a pain to service all the warranty claims if we sold sub-standard batteries.

That’s why we only sell reliable and proven brands of batteries with strong track records of lasting power – Amaron and Hoppecke.

When Your Car Can’t Start

It could be one of many reasons why your car cannot start, and here is how to figure out if it is caused by the car battery.

Because of our hot and humid weather in Singapore, many car batteries typically lasts only about 18 months to 24 months before it reaches end of life. (A little known fact: Those cars designed to carry the battery in the boot tend to last longer. Why? Heat degradation.)

At this point in time when the battery reaches close to two years, a car battery replacement is likely required.

Some believe that a JumpStart will fix the problem, but because a car battery has a limited lifespan – doing a JumpStart will only start your car for this occasion.

When you next stop, you may not be able to start again – because the car battery is already near dead, at the end of it’s life.

Who Do You Call When Your Car Can’t Start?

When this happens, do not panic – help is easily at hand. If you have a favourite car workshop, you can call them – they may be willing to come help you. But more often than not, they will ask you to try to jump start your car, and go to them. Or get a tow.

That’s because they do not have enough hands to spare a mechanic to go run around to help and leave work at their shop undone.

Here’s how we save the day! Car Battery Replacement Service FastFix will get you on the road again real soon!

Our rescue vehicles are loaded with fresh new car batteries, to suit any vehicle model!

Because we are focused on car batteries, we are the most experienced when it comes to changing car batteries.

And because of our volume of work, we carry the freshest car batteries. FastFix replenishes car batteries stock at least once a week, so you always have newest stock in your car!

And do not fret – if your car comes with the Start Stop technology and needs the newer Enhanced Flooded type of battery – the best car battery service provider has them! Fastfix Car Battery Replacement Service!

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If you car is stuck somewhere, even on the road, we can help!

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