Volvo Car Battery Replacement Service

The Volvo is a special Swedish car. This car makes use of advanced safety and environmentally conscious concepts to bring progressive designs to its range of sedans and SUVs. Examples include the handsome S90 and elegant XC60. Volvo has many innovations – and one of them is the Volvo Auto Start Stop system (Volvo Car Battery Replacement). The system pauses the work of the engine when you stop at traffic lights to help you reduce ownership costs through fuel efficiency. It also reduce the impact of wasteful carbon dioxide generated while idling.

However, whenever a car engine is stopped, electrical generation is also paused until the car engine restarts again. The car battery used to perform only one function in the past: start the car; but no longer. 

So while you sit in the car enjoying the cool air from the air-con system, music from your radio, and if it is night time, the headlights need to shine bright as well, all this workload is passed to the car starter battery.

This places extra demands on the car battery which needs to provide power, and after that still be able to restart the car engine again so that you can drive off from the lights after they turn green.

VOLVO Car Battery Replacement
Auto Start Stop & ECO+ on the centre console of a Volvo equipped with these technologies

Car batteries have improved over time to increase convenience (when they went maintenance free) and meet with the extra demands placed on them by the Auto Start Stop from Volvo.

The Enhanced Flooded Battery or EFB type of car battery was designed for this specific purpose in mind and is recommended for cars with Auto Start Stop technology built into them.

Our made in Europe batteries by German company Hoppecke are designed to work with Volvo cars and come with a one year onsite warranty for the peace of mind you deserve – the very same reason you bought a Volvo!

From market leader FastfFx, our name is a guarantee of quality!

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