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The INIFINITI is a rare car on Singapore roads. Often mistaken for the China-made Chery, INFINITI is in fact the luxury division of Nissan – like Lexus to Toyota and Acura to Honda. Designed to take on Lexus (particularly), the INFINITI is a well designed car that provides performance and luxury – at a value. How do they say it?  Japanese design with European performance. Well said, in my opinion! Infiniti Car Battery Replacement.

But even a fine car like this depends on the “lowly” car battery to start the engine. What happens on the morning when you try to start the car and all you get is the continuous clicking sound.  The classic symptom of a “car battery dead” situation.

When that happens, many will call AA (Automotive Association of Singapore), some may even call Wearnes Singapore or their favourite workshop.  But the smartest car owners call the top rated Car Battery Replacement Service. So instead of having the towed to the workshop, or wait 2 hours (or longer!) for XX services, most of these companies come in 45min or less.  (if any company claims anything less than 45min, ask them for a free car battery replacement if they do not reach in time!).

INFINITI Car Battery Replacement

…Who Do You Call? (when your car can’t start?)

Despite all the technology prowess under the hood, the fact is that car batteries still die or go flat. When this happens, you can either send your car back to Wearnes, or you can do what’s increasingly popular: Call a mobile car battery replacement service, such as FastFix (Tel: 81145500) These companies have experienced mechanics and go around Singapore in a van laden with brand new car batteries, including the EFB26L (extended flooded battery, D26L)  suitable for your Infiniti (Q30, Q50, Q70, QX30, QX50, QX70).

Because they keep their cost down, the price is much cheaper than changing at the distributor. And the best part? FastFix comes to you. Very quickly. In a van filled with brand new batteries. And what’s even better? They provide an Onsite Warranty – meaning if there’s any problem (manufacturing) with the car battery during the next 12 months, they come to you; and a 1-for-1 exchange is given if the car battery is indeed defective from manufacturing.

So when you drive an INFINITI, you drive a rare and beautiful luxury car . And because you drive in Singapore, be sure to keep the contact of FastFix (81145500) handy. For the day you need an INFINITI Car Battery Replacement

Meanwhile… Empower the Drive!

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