Welcome to Fastfix Learning Centre.

We have searched the web and found the following YouTube videos that may be helpful to you as you learn about the car battery in your car.

These videos are presented as is and we recommend that you do further research/verification if you find information presented to be inconsistent with what you know.  FastFix makes no representation and will be able to be responsible for the content presented.


How to Clean A Car Battery?  If your car battery terminals are corroded, you can follow the simple steps in this video to fix the problem, all it takes is some baking soda and a toothbrush.

How to Jump Start a Car?  If your car can’t start because you had forgotten to turn off your headlights (or other electrical gadgets), you can consider jump starting your car.  Please watch video for simple step-by-step guide.

Please note though that there are risks involved, both to the persons doing the jump start and to the electrical systems in the car. To improve chance of successful jump start, please select a vehicle that has a high rated battery (CCA, AH) than the car with the dead battery. It’s also important to use only high grade (“thick”) jump start cables.  If you are unsure, please call FastFix (Tel: 81145500), we are professionals with the right equipment and experience to assist you.

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