Imagine waking up to a dead car battery when you have an important meeting, an emergency or a holiday flight to catch. What a nightmare!

Here are top reasons why your car battery may die:

Human Error

Let’s face it. Human beings are not perfect. Sometimes we forget to close the trunk or leave the car light on after we have parked until we wake up the next day and the battery is already drained.

Faulty Charging

Although car batteries are rechargeable, there are some cases when the charging system malfunctions. This usually causes either undercharging the battery or causing sulphation and damaging it.

Usually as the car alternator ages, it becomes less and less able to sustain a high charging voltage. On some cars, it may also become intermittent charging. We have encountered this in Toyota Harriers before.

Defective Electrical System on Car

Cars tend to have more electronic systems the more modern they are. But these devices often require a small electrical current to sustain them for data storage (e.g.: a car’s mileage, radio stations, memory seat settings) or to keep them running (e.g.: the clock) even after the car engine is shut off. These systems gradually use up battery power and after a long time parked, may cause the battery to be too weak to start up again.

But more serious is a fast drain of the battery power from a defective system – where the power seeps away because of a defect. A common one we come across is that the car’s brake lights remain on (brake switch fault) even when the car is parked. And it can happen to any system in the car including the clock. We had customers that have their batteries drained because of a faulty digital clock that no longer shows any display.

Extreme Temperatures

Both intense heat and freezing temperature can mess up your battery’s life. There’s only a certain temperature limit that your car battery can take. High heat can shorten the life of our car batteries and it is more often than not hot here in Singapore.

Old Battery

Nothing lasts forever. A battery that is old often lose its ability to hold full charge. It gets worn out eventually after repeated cycles of charge and discharge.

Is it worth doing a car battery recovery by yourself?

Time and effort are so precious and battery recovery requires both. Doing it by yourself can be a lot of work. You have to do research which requires time, and you need to check all the engine components which requires knowledge. You also need to purchase some tools that can be pricey, and the worst part is being exposed to danger when you do it incorrectly or buy the wrong battery (size, rating and even terminal orientation will make the battery unsuitable for your car) since you are not an expert.

So is it worth recovering by yourself? No, not really.

Engage our service to change your car battery and your location and convenience! We go to you and provide you a professional service and our batteries are covered by warranty for one year for personal petrol passenger cars!

How often should you service your car battery?

When your car battery turns a year old, a check-up is necessary. If you are planning a long drive, it is safe to have it checked before and after. If your car has ever been to extreme temperatures or weather conditions, it is advisable to visit a battery specialist too!

What do car battery recovery companies offer?

First and foremost, car battery companies offer you their expert knowledge and best battery care. You don’t have to worry about where the problem is – they will do the troubleshooting for you.

Yes, that is what we offer! We give you peace of mind in the form of a warranty that comes with our trusted professional installation. Whenever possible, we will also share with you some hacks and tips on how to take care of your car!

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