Some troubleshooting is required and FastFix can help.

There are many reasons why a car can’t start. But most likely it is due to either a dead / flat car battery or a starter solenoid (ie. ignition) issue. The following are the 3 scenarios where it is likely due to a car battery drained/failure.

  • If your battery is older than a year and you hear either no sound or a series of clicking sound when you crank your car – it is almost certain that it is due to a dead car battery. Call FastFix now – we will come and rescue you.
  • If you forget to turn off your headlights or other electronic gadgets, there is also a chance that your battery is drained / flat and need a jump start. If there are other drivers around with jump start cables, they may be able to help. Do your own jump start only if you are familiar with the process. Remember that the sequence of connecting the cables is important. If you are not sure or if your car is precious to you, call FastFix. We know how to do a professional job.
  • If you had not driven the car for an extended period (more than a few days), it is also possible that your car battery is drained / flat. In this case, you may also require a jump start. After successful jump start, you should drive your car for at least 20 minutes (at least 60km/h) for the alternator (charging system) to charge your battery. Call FastFix if you need help, we will not only jump start your car, we will check the condition of your battery and also test your alternator and give you useful tips.
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