How Long Does It Take For You To Come To Me?

Usually within 45-60 minutes if our mechanics are not on rescue jobs. If they are, we will advise ETA (estimated time of arrival) to within a 30 minute range, for services and Car Battery Replacement.

How Long Does It Take To Replace The Car Battery?

Usually within 20 minutes unless your car had been modified and if battery is corroded. This total time includes the time to give you an overview of the process, the actual replacement as well as testing your newly installed battery and your car’s alternator...

What Brand of Car Battery Do You Use?

We Prefer Amaron. We prefer Amaron maintenance-free (MF or dry cell) car batteries. Amaron is the market leader in Singapore and used by 1 in every 2 motor vehicle on the road. It is also the battery of choice for public transportation (taxis) and other government and...
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