Car batteries are required for starting your engine every time you need to start on a journey – they are essential to your journey and getting there. No one wants to be stuck in a faraway place at night and not being able to make it home.

But is that the worst situation you can imagine?

Problems that could happen using worn out car batteries

We have rescued so many vehicle stuck outside and some of the situations call for more than just loosening the bolt on the battery terminal and its brackets and changing to a new one. Some batteries are starting to leak and that is certainly bad news for the car and can cost you as the car owner extra repairs and time in the workshop.

When a car battery starts is old and starts to leak

The following things happen:

  1. The acid from within pushes out due to leaks, most commonly happening at the terminal head, which is made of lead and the top cover of the battery, which is made of plastic.
  2. When this battery acid comes out, the internal acid level falls and your cranking power falls as a result, because the plates are no longer fully submerged in acid.
  3. The acid that comes is vented out and can become an acidic fume or spray and this can corrode other parts in the engine bay.
  4. Other excess acid is dried by the hot air present in the engine bay and this causes it to crystalize and cover much of the terminal.

And the result of the leak can be expensive

The cheap and relatively quicker part is to replace the battery, and we can help you with that. It won’t be as easy because this is what a corroded battery terminal head can look like.

Car Batteries Can Hurt Your Car

Possible other problems are:

  1. The bolt will be corroded and stuck, becoming hard or impossible to remove.
  2. The wire will become brittle and break off, from the terminal head due to the corrosion and this will result in more repair time and cost

The above will require new terminal heads to be installed in your car.

But we recommend you do not wait too long because there are other serious problems that can occur.

It has been reported that many car head gasket failures could have been caused by acidic battery gasses.

This can result in your engine gasket allowing engine oil and coolant to mix, and the repair will be expensive and long.

This has been known to happen to some Subarus and I believe they also happen to other car brands as well, as engine gaskets are made of similar materials that may also be corroded by acids.

The below video shows what happens when head gaskets leak:


If you love your car, don’t wait, call us 81145500 and we will fix your battery issue for you!

A new battery will provide a powerful crank start.

And give you peace of mind the acid is not hurting your car. If you feel it is starting to fade and takes longer to start, its time to measure (not just the voltage but the Cold Cranking Amps or CCA) and probably change that battery.


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