Mazda SkyActiv i-Stop Car Battery Replacement

Mazda is an amazingly fuel efficient car that is one of the top choices for family sedans in Singapore. Part of that fuel efficiency comes from the amazing engine technologies such as the SkyActiv-G and Skyactiv-D (for diesel engines) and the lastest and very exciting incorporation of compression ignition into a Skyactiv-X car engine that runs petrol. Many of you will know that compression ignition is for diesel engines, so it is amazing that they it to work on petrol.  However, Mazda’s innovation is not merely limited to it’s engines but to the design of the car as a whole. In it’s pursuit of fuel economy and lower running costs, its i-Stop stands out as one of the first successful implementations by a Japanese manufacturer of car start stop systems which combines ignition starting with starter motor action to restart the engine after it has come to a halt when the car stops at traffic lights. This Mazda i-Stop (Car Battery) technology ensures smoother and more rapid starts, attaining an estimated 10% in fuel savings.

i-Stop symbol not lit up
What do you not see? Yes, i-Stop error symbol is not lit up, which is good! Means that it not disabled because of poor battery condition!

So naturally, you would want to keep i-Stop functioning. When the i-Stop yellow warning signal comes on, you know that your car’s ECU is telling you the car battery is no longer working optimally, and this means it will disable i-Stop and no longer stop the engine when the car stops in traffic for fear it cannot restart due to a weak battery. This will hurt your fuel economy.

Do you want greater fuel economy or poorer? Keep i-Stop working optimally!

Amaron Q85 Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are designed to work with Mazda’s systems to help the car engine restart and restart again, trip after trip, month after month.

Why are EFB required? The number of times your car start it’s engine now has probably increased tenfold compared to old technology cars which only start one time per journey. And each time you start your engine, the car battery is being used.

EFB stands for enhanced durability and Amaron has given their EFB a new name called Duro, in light of the increased workload that is required from a car equipped with start stop features.

Are AGM Car Batteries the same as EFB?

The short answer is no. The AGM was initially developed for military use, especially in airplanes where the movement of the aircraft resulted in battery liquid leaks and spills. In order to prevent this, AGM or absorbent glass mats, were placed into the battery to absorb the liquid acid and prevent spills. That and the lighter weight due to less liquid are the main plus points of AGM.

So, why is Mazda not using this type of battery for i-Stop? The main reason is that AGM batteries have a dislike for heat. Most AGM battery manufacturers recommend that the AGM battery stop charging (charging raises battery temperature) when it’s temperature reaches 49 degrees celcius!

Mazda i-Stop Car Battery Replacement
Engine bay heat is a serious concern for batteries in our hot climate here in Singapore! Don’t use the wrong technology, use EFB! Pictured here is MX-5 ND engine bay.

That is a condition that is quickly reached in the engine compartment of our very hot and humid Singapore! The lifespan of an AGM battery is not for very long when mounted near the engine in Singapore.

So instead of AGM, when Mazda wants added durability, the Q85 EFB battery is the one recommended. And if you want the best Q85, we always say Amaron!

When fitted to any petrol Mazda with i-Stop, we provide a one year, one for one new battery exchange and we go to you anywhere in Singapore if your car battery is at fault for not being able to start your car!

Even for non-i-Stop Mazda owners who are car proud, they choose to go for Amaron Duro EFB at a higher cost but with much greater reliability and durability.

For you Mazda i-Stop Car Battery Replacement. call Fastfix 81154400.


For Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-3, CX-5, Biente, MX-5, Astina, Miata, RX-8


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