Jostling through traffic with a long list of errands today? Hitting the road for a long drive this weekend in Malaysia? There’s nothing like a stalled car that can’t start to stress you out on a busy day, or to ruin a road trip.

Giving your car a check before that urgent need arises will help avoid unnecessary delays. You wouldn’t want to change your car battery when you have an urgent meeting to rush to, would you? Here are three signals that it’s time to change your car battery:

Signal 1: What is the average lifespan for a car battery?

Know your battery’s lifespan. Three factors usually affect how long your battery will last: driving habits, the weather, and engine vibration.

Frequent, short-distance driving may not allow your battery to fully recharge. On the other hand, batteries in cars that are parked for extended periods will self-drain.

Warmer weather, like Singapore’s, also causes batteries to drain faster, compared to batteries in cars driven in cold-weather countries. This is because heat increases the battery’s degradation.

The average lifespan of car batteries in warm countries is two years, while batteries in cold countries can last longer. Provided, that is, that you use a reliable brand like Amaron or Hoppecke.

We have changed out batteries from cars from that are only six months old – and usually, these batteries are from less reliable and also much cheaper brands that cost as little as two thirds the price of an Amaron. But they are no longer cheap if they only last one third of the time of an Amaron or Hoppecke! Imagine buying three unreliable batteries during the lifespan of a reliable Amaron or Hoppecke! That is savings both in cash and time!

Car batteries have a finite lifespan even under ideal operating conditions. If your car batteries are already reaching their average lifespan, consider proactively changing your car batteries to avoid hassles on the road. It’s becomes difficult if you are stuck with a Singaporean car that cannot start in Malaysia – be prepared to pay through the nose as a foreign car owner. Or having to leave your car at a car park in Orchard Road overnight because it cannot start – the parking fees would not be worth it!

Signal 2: Is your electrical system working perfectly?

Your car’s electrical system offers obvious signs of your car batteries being deteriorated.

Test with the engine off to see:

Are the lights dimmer than usual?
Is the air-con blower not as strong as before?
Are the wipers not sweeping over the glass as swiftly as before?

These are usual some signs that your batteries have already deteriorated, but these are subjective and some drivers may not remember how bright their lights were at a time when the batteries were new.

When you suspect that the battery is weak because you see these things happen, call us to have your car batteries checked and or replaced. If you still have doubt, see Signal 3 below.

Signal 3: Ignition takes a while to start

Another sign that your car batteries need to be replaced is when your motor cranks the engine slowly.

But this is easier to spot than some of the above.

When a battery is new, the car tends to start on a single crank, and the cranking sound is strong. If the car starts to take two or three cranks before it starts, or the cranking sounds slower and weaker, this is also a sign of battery deterioration. Call us for replacement before you get stuck. When this symptom appears, it is likely that less than a month from now, you would be unable to start your car, often at the most inconvenient moments.

Sometimes batteries could get so deteriorated that they won’t even be able to provide enough power to start your engine. This is when you actually need to be rescued.

It’s important to check for signs that your battery is nearing the end of its lifespan proactively, so you can change your car battery before it dies out on you and puts you in a difficult situation.

A fully functional battery is a guarantee that the car works when it needs to – such as in emergency situations when you need a reliable car to bring you to places, such as the hospital, or somewhere you can get help.

If your car won’t start, call FastFix for a quick battery change. The service is available 24×7, and technicians can get to you anywhere in Singapore.

So keep this number handy – 8114 5500. FastFix battery replacement service is not only fast to respond to your call, we also have long-lasting batteries that will result in cost-savings for you.

Call us for your car battery replacement needs. We look forward to serving you and ensuring you pleasant and safe journeys ahead!

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